Other Phobias

Other Phobias Besides Trypophobia

A Trypophobe person usually suffers from more phobias. Sometimes, the person is not even aware of this condition, connecting it with some other common phobias. As an example, the Fear of Holes in the Skin can be considered a fear of being injured, and if a person is afraid when he or she sees a hole in a tree, it might not be considered Trypophobia, it can be considered as a fear of closed or narrow spaces.

Other phobias of a Trypophobe represent one of the pathological forms of anxiety. The Fear of Holes in the Skin is an abnormal situation. People might be afraid of being in public spaces, surrounded by people. The person would think about a possible event that might cause panic, so he is afraid he could not run. While there are some serious phobias that are more serious than Trypophobia, this situation can’t be neglected. A Trypophobe must determine all his phobias, so he could find a treatment for all those conditions.

the animal phobia (the fear or animals) can be associated with the Fear of Holes in the Skin, as the person thinks that animals could create those holes. We are not talking only about sharks and wolves, a person could be afraid of a kitty, thinking about possible scratches that could trigger the Trypophobia.

The phobias are not fears connected with an object or a situation. They are irrational and unjustified fears reported to the cause of them. the persons admit their fear is irrational, but they can’t stop feeling it.

The condition of Trypophobia appears as an intruder. The person feels an irrational fear, and he or she does not want to be seen in this state. This is why the persons suffering of phobias try to avoid the places that might create problems. However, some situations can be avoided, but what would you do if you are suffering from height phobia and you are living at the 20th floor? Some people find medicine to treat the condition, but those medicines will only work on other felling besides the one causing the problem. This is why the phobias are treated by psychologists.

However, the phobias are considered as an incurable condition. The social phobias are harder to bear, as they affect your everyday life. An error could make a person to develop and instant phobias. For example, if your panties are torn apart by a sharp object and people would start laughing at you, you might develop a fear of sharp objects without even knowing about it.

Phobia is not a disease, it is a symptom. If those situations limit your capacity to act as a member of society, the phobia usually gets worse. The organism informs us about the needs it have, and if we are not opened towards those needs, phobias might appear. The anxiety is the method used by the organism to inform us about an important problem. It is an alarm signal, and the organism must react. The emotions are a part of the organism functioning, and if your organism does not respond well to the signals, the phobias appear.