What is Fear?

Fear Analyzed

What is FEAR?

Do you know what a phobia is? Well, it is an irrational fear of a certain object or situation in which a person feels being compelled to avoid. Some phobias are minimal. The only thing is that, some could surely inhibit the ability to socialize, work and live up a productive life. Phobias are being marked by the extreme anxiety and they are the uncontrollable feelings of dread, panic and horror. It could also be with rapid heartbeat, trembling, sweating and breathing shortness, once confronted with phobia.


On the other hand, for quite a long time, you might have thought that you are the only one in this work who was actually unnerved by holes, which is on asymmetrical cluster and it has things into it at times. Simply think about a lotus pod. It would surely creep you out and might not stand looking at it. Whenever you do, you would surely start getting that uncomfortable and creepy itchy feeling that crawls through your veins. Some people even imagine about bot flies and how it could create the holes on the skin. This will turn them to being alert and aware every time of their lives, for the reason that they might only become infected by such disease.

Moreover, there might come a time that you would just discover that one of your family members and friends have been afflicted by trypophobia, having that fear of holes, most especially fear of holes in skin. Well, keep in mind that it is not only you and there could be things that could cause your fear worsen.

What causes phobias?

Well, phobias arise because of the combination of genetic disposition as well as the external events. Most of the phobias develop because of the trauma, of you being a child just like being bitten by a dog or something that would get a hold for over your life. At some point, other types of phobias could be overcome or being learned. If you simply grew up with watching your mother to freak out about the spiders you will certain feel similar way about it later on. Trypophobia is taken as a certain type of phobia, not to mention that the trigger is the one causing anxiety for the person.

A number of therapists use a certain technique known as the desensitization for curing a phobia. It is simply the process of introducing the trigger of a phobia into a man’s life. With such, you could start looking for a picture, just like a lotus pod. Whenever you already feel the comfort for only one picture, you would then start getting a real one. Right after feeling the comfort with such, you could surely touch it and so forth until you aren’t anymore rendered with the itchy feeling anymore.

You could then reverse your thinking when being confronted with the trigger of trypophobia. It could surely help you for training you into knowing the irrationality behind such fear. As a trypophobic, instead of thinking about such for too much, simply shift into something, which is more positive as it could not do any harm on you.