Panettiere Confronts Her Phobia for the Show Nashville

 Actress Hayden Panettiere claimed that she severely fought with her stage fright to take due to one of the most important role in the history of her career – a country singer in their upcoming show entitled as Nashville.

Her fear is not because of the singing act she needs to take. The actress has an awesome singing history; recording an album since she was 15 years of age and entered the music industry before going to the spotlight.

The now 23-year old actress remembered the day she performed at the Capitol building during the July 4th holiday. According to her, she experienced panic before the moment she faced her audience.

“I feel like a robot while walking along the stage and slowly holding on the microphone,” she recalled in one of her visits in Toronto in order to promote her new series.

“I tried to go along but my knees began to shake that I find myself in need to hold on to the microphone immediately. It’s really traumatic.”

Today, Panettiere admits that she is trying to become more comfortable in her new series, whereas her character demands for more attention than any other characters.

“I have a great feeling that she will always be on the stage,” as she describes her character.

“It may be a phobia I need to get over with.”

Her new character for Nashville is a big adjustment for her, together with her social phobia, because her role is really different compared to her previous roles.



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Stage Fright Is Definitely a Social Phobia

Many people can relate to the difficulty of presenting a poem in front of the class or performing an act or a song on the stage while many eyes continue to stare at you. Is it a phobia or timidity?


People who are not in the performance industry may find such experience the worst memory ever; however, Maureen Potter claimed that she experienced more than that. In fact, she regularly ends up with unpolished performances on stage due to the hesitation before entering the scene.


In simple terms, stage fright is definitely not beneficial for professional performers. Today, it is recognized in mental diagnosis in the field of Psychology. This is why the very first musician health conference in Ireland will focus more on this subject matter this coming 13th of October.


An Irish-German expert from the University of Bonn named as Dr. Deirdre Mahkhorn will also participate in the said conference. In fact, she will tackle whether this phenomenon can be considered as a phobia or merely challenge for professionals.


Dr. Mahkhorn works as psychiatric consultant for the University Hospital. She is a medical degree holder from UCC who founded a Stage Fright Clinic last 2010. Accordingly, she will be speaking regarding her own experiences with this social phobia.


Stage fright is recognized as a social anxiety and a mental disorder. This is why experts consider it as a social phobia that can hit even a professional performer.


Harsh judgment and fearful stage experiences can trigger this phobia for anyone. Experts point out that the effects of this phobia include sweating, blushing, and other timid characteristics.



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